Drop-In Study

​Welcome to Drop-In Study! Following on the work and recommendations of the Task Force on Student Success, a university working group in fall 2023 developed recommendations for establishment of an academic resource center at Rice based on input from faculty and students. A survey distributed to students identified drop-in tutoring in a central location as one of the preferred formats for academic support and indicated demand for introductory STEM courses. To test the efficacy of a centralized drop-in model for Rice, we are collaborating with faculty to pilot regularly scheduled drop-in, peer-tutoring for CHEM 122, MATH 101, MATH 102, MATH 211, MATH 212, PHYS 102, PHYS 126. and STAT 310.

​​Drop-In Study allows you to come and go as you like. You might come in with a specific question, to review or deepen understanding of foundational concepts, to listen to others' questions, or to have a comfortable place to study knowing that support is easily available. Peer Educators have received training from professional staff and are ready to work directly with you as well as facilitate your learning with other students.

Drop-In Study will be held in O’Connor 132, Sun 2-5pm and Sun-Thurs 7-10pm. Please consult the calendar to see which Peer Educators are available during each session and for additional events, such as midterm or concept reviews, that will be scheduled throughout the semester.

Additionally MATH Help Lab will be held in T-Th from 7-9pm. Drop in to meet with graduate student TAs about calculus.

Have a question? Email dropinstudy@rice.edu.

Typical Schedule

Course Sun. 2-5 Sun. 7-10 Mon. 7-10 Tue. 7-10 Wed. 7-10 Thu. 7-10
CHEM 122 Arman Hassan Anathea Carrigan Jingyao Guo Anathea Carrigan Jingyao Guo Arman Hassan
MATH 101 Ethan Javedan Ethan Javedan n/a Wren Kawamura n/a Wren Kawamura
MATH 102 n/a Joshua Davis Joshua Davis Louie Lu Louie Lu n/a
MATH 211 Caroline Crann n/a Amelia Pillar Caroline Crann Amelia Pillar n/a
MATH 212 Eric Shackleford Kile Stenoien Eric Shackleford Kile Stenoien Melinda Ma Melinda Ma
PHYS 102 Alessa Elkareh Gretchen Schulke Gabriel Alvarada Gabriel Alvarada Gretchen Schulke Alessa Elkareh
PHYS 126 Nathan Nguyen Mohammad Khuroo Kartikeya Singh & William Pan Tanya Pawawongsak Nathan Nguyen, Tanya Pawawongsak, & William Pan Kartikeya Singh & Mohammad Khuroo
STAT 310 Aliya Belay Luca Chackalackal Advika Rajeev Advika Rajeev Aliya Belay Luca Chackalackal

Meet our Peer Educators

CHEM 122

Hi everyone! My name is Anathea Carrigan, and I am a sophomore from Sid Richardson College. As a chemistry major, I’ve taken both CHEM 121 and CHEM 122, and worked as a TA for CHEM 121 this past fall, so I’m familiar with these courses and how they are run. During drop-in study sessions. I’ll work with you to address any concerns you may have, meeting you where you are in your knowledge to get you where you need to be to succeed. I’m completely open to answering any questions you may have about course material, conducting content review, or even thinking up some practice problems to help you all out. I look forward to meeting you all!

Hi! My name is Arman Hassan. As a peer educator, my primary goal is to provide an atmosphere where students feel comfortable asking questions without fearing feeling judged or inferior. When I had the opportunity to take CHEM 122 in the Spring of 2023, there were many points where I felt confused or unsure. Personally, it was difficult for me to reach out to a professor or graduate student. As a peer educator, I aim to alleviate that stress and provide a platform for students to ask questions, receive feedback, or gain a deeper understanding of the material through discussions and personalized practice. As an advocate for students, I hope to work with you through your academic journey and provide the necessary tools to succeed independently.

Hi, everyone! I am Jingyao Guo, a sophomore from Sid Richardson College studying biosciences and chemistry. As a student who struggled but powered through the gen chem courses, I am happy to help anyone on specific problems and concepts, or just offer some general tips and advice! Whether you are struggling in chemistry, confused on some concepts, or are just wanting some community support and a study break, you are always welcome to stop by—we love having you here!

MATH 101

My name is Ethan Javedan, and I am a sophomore at Martel pursuing a B.S. in mechanical engineering. As a seasoned veteran of some of the math courses here at Rice, I understand how challenging they can be, but I assure you that every course here is doable with enough time and dedication! I am happy to help with any problems related to Math 101!

Hello! My name is Wren Kawamura, and I’m a junior at Duncan College pursuing a double major in physics and math. Originally from Los Angeles, I love to hike, ice skate, play piano and paint in my spare time, when I’m not grinding physics homework. Here at Rice I also serve as an academic fellow, I work in a research lab studying ultracold atoms, and I’m part of the Rice Dance Theatre club. I have been tutoring math since high school, and I enjoy it so much that I dedicated a gap year before college to teach middle school students in New York. My experiences very much enhanced my understanding of the complexities students face in school. Balancing coursework, extracurriculars, and life can be a challenge, and I’m happy to offer support in any way I can!

MATH 102

Hi! I’m Josh Davis, a senior at Jones majoring in mathematics and statistics. I love teaching math just as much as I like learning it; so stop by during my peer tutoring hours to get help on your homework, review for an exam, or go over any questions you have.

Hi, my name is Louie Lu, and I am a Junior at Jones College studying computer science and mathematics. I will be tutoring Math 102, and I'm eager to share my passion and knowledge about math with you. I understand the hurdles and nuances of grappling with integrals and series. My approach as a Peer Educator is rooted in patience, empathy, and a deep commitment to helping each student find their unique path to success. Whether you're struggling with specific topics, need help with homework, or just looking for study strategies, I'm here to support you. I look forward to meeting you during my tutoring sessions and helping you achieve your academic goals in Math 102!

MATH 211

Hi! I’m Caroline Crann, a sophomore from Lovett, majoring in applied physics with a minor in math. I am a member of the women’s club soccer team and love anything that has to do with the outdoors! I understand the rigorous academic environment characteristic of STEM courses, especially here at Rice, and I would love the opportunity to assist you in whatever way I can! Swing by my drop-in hours if you need help, and I look forward to meeting you!

Hi! I’m Amelia Pillar, a sophomore from Sid Richardson College. I’m majoring in mechanical engineering with minors in environmental studies and engineering design. When I’m not at the OEDK, you can often find me at Chaus drinking my 3rd nutty bee of the day. I know Rice can be hard, so I’d love to help you through the classes you're struggling with. Plus, I can recommend some great Taylor Swift songs to soundtrack your studying.

MATH 212

My name is Eric Shackleford and I'm a second-year math and physics major. I love helping my peers to learn mathematics, and I've been supporting students in single and multi-variable calculus for over three years. I'm easy-going and like to focus on connecting concepts back to a student's intuitions rather than memorization. Outside of academics, I really enjoy climbing, watching movies, and being around dogs!

Hi! I'm Melinda Ma. As an international student majoring in mathematics and computer science, I am honored to contribute to the academic community as a peer educator for multi-variable calculus. Drawing from my own experiences navigating the challenges of advanced coursework in a foreign academic environment, I understand the importance of a supportive community. My proficiency in both mathematics and computer science equips me to provide comprehensive assistance. Having tutored fellow students and actively participated in diverse academic settings, I am dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture within the Academic Support Office. I am excited to leverage my background to create a welcoming space where students can confidently seek guidance and cultivate a positive, collaborative approach to their studies.

Hey, everyone! I'm Kile Stenoien, a sophomore (and secretary) from McMurtry majoring in civil and environmental engineering, specializing in structural. I love problem-solving and collaboration, and I have experience in tutoring and instruction, so I'm excited to be a peer educator! Besides academics (and cool buildings), I love listening to music, playing guitar, watching movies, reading, and rock climbing. I'm looking forward to meeting you guys and crushing your courses together in the spring!

PHYS 102

Hi! My name is Gretchen Schulke. I am a junior at Jones (JIBA) studying mechanical engineering. I have been an academic fellow for Physics 101 and 102 at Jones for one and a half years. In my free time, I love antiquing, rock climbing, and when I am near one, going to the beach. I can’t wait to meet all of you :)

Hello, my name is Alessa Elkareh! I am a proud Bakerite studying electrical engineering with a specialization in neuroengineering and pursuing a certification in Spanish. As a peer educator, my goal is to foster a positive and inclusive environment, ensuring everyone feels comfortable asking any and all questions. I aim not only to assist with assignments but also to help with understanding the subject matter. I understand how much of a struggle this class is in particular, and I am here to give support in any way I can. Don’t hesitate to stop by!

Hello! I'm Gabriel Alvarado. As a peer educator, I'm thrilled to be lending a helping hand. I'm a sophomore computer science major at Martel, and over the past few years I’ve worked for tutoring companies such as Mathnasium, Ringle, and HEI. During drop-in study, I'm here to provide guidance, share effective study strategies, and foster an environment where every student feels welcome. My mission is to create a positive and inclusive culture of academic support. Whether you're navigating through a homework set, cramming for a midterm, or seeking advice on ways to study, I'm here to help. I know that math-heavy courses at Rice tend to be just that – heavy -- so please do not hesitate to ask for help.

PHYS 126

Hello! My name is Tanya Pawawongsak, and I'm a junior at Will Rice College studying Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences. As someone who initially struggled with PHYS 126, I found that going to office hours to learn how to apply class content to practice problems was essential to my success in the class. Now as a Peer Educator, I’m excited to use my background to be able to help others succeed in this class as well! In my free time, I love to read queer fantasy and sci-fi novels, play the viola in the Campanile Orchestra and a string quartet, and volunteer with Rice Fun with Chemistry.

Hi! I’m Kartikeya Singh. Rice students are all incredibly capable, but each person is bound to face obstacles somewhere along the road. I wish to help make that journey smoother. A lot of math and physics courses can seem incredibly daunting. I have been there, too. But having gone through it, I think I am in a position to help you. Having someone to guide you through a problem, give a fresh perspective, or gently nudge you in the right direction can be immensely useful and save precious time. With experience going through the same problems and having been a TA for a year, I'll try to be that much-needed support system and help you navigate your way toward success in your courses :)

Hey there 👋 I’m Nathan Nguyen, a McMurtry junior from Spring, Texas, studying neuroscience with a concentration in computational neuroscience. In my free time, I enjoy running, beer biking, meditation, and YouTube shorts lol. If you need help with PHYS 126, come see me during drop-in hours!

Hey! My name is Mohammad Khuroo, and I am excited to be your Peer Educator! I am a junior from Sid, majoring in biochemistry and Asian studies. I really enjoy teaching and getting to meet new people, so do not hesitate to ask me anything! Some things about me: I love to learn new languages - currently I can speak 5! I also enjoy doing origami and making intricate things by folding paper. Rice classes are hard and things can certainly get overwhelming - however, I want to help ease that tension and make you prepared, so that you can succeed in your class on your own!

Hi everyone! I'm William Pan, a Will Rice junior studying electrical engineering and mathematics and hailing from St. Louis, Missouri. I've always liked helping people, and as a Peer Educator, you can find me for help with Physics 126. I can promise that we'll be able to tackle any challenge that you run into together. If you need a break and want to nerd out on some stuff, I'm also happy to talk about whatever PAAs talk about, rank random things, discuss cities and infrastructure, recommend classical music, and talk about whatever else you want. Feel free to catch me around campus as well!

STAT 310

Hi! My name is Advika Rajeev, and I’m a computer science major pursuing a data science minor. I am passionate about working with each student to guide you through your academic journey. Whether it be learning effective study tricks, getting extra practice problems for exam preparation, or additional support on homework, I will create a safe space for questions where you can work until you are confident in the concepts you had trouble with. Regardless of whether you have experience taking classes in this field or if it is your first time, I’m here to help you build your confidence in the subjects that seem challenging at first. I’m committed to building a collaborative environment where we can all help each other grow in an engaging and rewarding way.

Hi! My name is Aliya Belay and I am a junior majoring in mechanical engineering from Sid Rich. I’m currently pre-grad and would like to continue on into the aerospace industry. On campus, I’m involved in Rice Eclipse, RASA, and REESA. I also serve as an Academic Fellow at Sid. I’m excited to be a peer educator and help students outside of Sid as well! I hope that the open atmosphere of plenty of available peers ready to assist will help make these classes less stressful. We’ve taken these classes before, so we know how tough it seems at times, but we are here to offer as much support as we can so that you all can be successful! Please stop by if we can ever be of assistance :)

Hello, Owls! I'm Luca Chackalackal, a Murt Sophomore excited to be a part of Rice's peer academic support team. With a strong background in computer science and math, I'm here to guide you through the trials and tribulations of STAT 310. As a peer educator, I strive to create an inclusive and collaborative space to tackle whatever academic challenges Rice throws our way. Come see me during drop-in hours!

Meet our Drop-In Study Managers

Hi all!! I'm Cheryl Lee, currently a sophomore at Baker College, pursuing a major in chemistry with a minor in biochemistry and cell biology, and working towards a certificate in Chinese. In my role as a Drop-In Study Manager, I'm here to make sure you get the resources you need. In my free time, I love to thrift, go to the gym, try out new restaurants/coffee shops, and binge crime shows. Come drop in to ask questions or even just to chat and say hi!

Hi, my name is Isabel Wang, and I am a sophmore majoring in health sciences with minors in data science and biosciences on the pre-med track! I am so excited serve as a Drop-In Study Manager and build a sense of community and belonging. I have previously served as a CHEM 121 TA and Duncan College Academic Fellow. Please do not hesistate to drop by with any questions you might have:)

Hi! I'm Siqi Du, a graduate student in biosciences.

Hi! My name is Ramy Mizrachi, and I'm a sophomore at Martel College, originally from the vibrant city of Panama City, Panama. I'm currently pursuing a B.S. in statistics with a minor in philosophy, a combination that fuels my curiosity for both analytical and abstract thinking. Beyond the classroom, I'm an avid explorer of diverse interests – from immersing myself in the world of backpacking to skiing. I have a keen interest in philosophical debates and enjoy engaging in thoughtful discussions that challenge perspectives and broaden understanding. When not delving into the realms of statistics and philosophy, you can find me sharing laughs and stories with friends. I'm passionate about building connections and excited to be a Manager.